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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  June 29, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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one of them was working in the finance industry to try to gain access to an american political fund-raiser. also today, an 11th suspect has been now been arrested in cypress. msnbc correspondent pete williams is in washington and, pete, who are these alleged spies and how did they catch up with them eventually? >> they were people who were sent here from russia who became american citizens, they areceived u.s. citizenship sometimes using false documents, one of them claimed to be someone from philadelphia who had actually died. the fbi got on to this case in a way that isn't entirely clear to us, they're not exactly telling us this, but it does seem clear that as many as ten years ago the u.s. intercepted some communications between moscow and these groups and one thing led to another. and it seems quite clear that the fbi has had them under very intense investigation.
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they have put bugs in these people's houses, they have tapped their phones, they have had cameras recording their movements, they have searched through their houses their without their knowledge, they have looked in their safety deposit boxes so it's been a very thorough investigation. >> it's unclear of what they're actually accused of finding out for moscow. what did they get their hands on? >> they're not the people who would actually infiltrate government agencies or go into private contractors, they were the people who were to stir thing up and identify them who might have been russian sources. they were to identify potential sources for the soviets. look at this mission statement that was in one of the seized documents that the government found in the case. this is their handler writing one of them saying you were sent to the usa for long-term service, your education, bank accounts, car, house, et cetera, all these serve one goal,
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fulfill your main mission, to seven and develop ties in the u.s. and send intel reports to moscow's center. that was really their mission, they were sort of the entering wedge and you might say the real espionage people would follow. they're not actually charged with espionage, they're not charged with spying, they're charged with being agents of a foreign government and not registers. you might ask yourself who would register as an agent of former government, and the answer is people who are doing it out in the open, lobbyists and people who represent people of foreign government. but these people were masquerading as u.s. citizens. one person told me that their cover was so deep that those who came here and got married to each other, russians marrying russians under cover had children who may not have realized that mom and dad were spies. >> pete williams, our msnbc
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correspondent. the suspects are foreign citizen who is never really acted against the u.s. michael smerconish is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host and an msnbc contributor, i'm sure the phone lines are buzzing about this one, i guess, welcome back to the cold war, is that what this is all over again? >> somebody forgot to tell the russians that the cold war is over. i am reading all the federally released documents on this case because it's better than anything out there, i'm not sure whether the russians were incredibly smart or incredibly stupid. you've got money being buried in upstate new york and sitting there for a period of years until there's a transfer and by the same token they were successful in staying under cover for so long that you have to wonder if they were having
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some level of success. if you wanted to gain power and influence in the united states, the way you do it is to start having fund-raisers and getting -- >> some of these actual code phrases that they used, apparently according to this document, one person would say, excuse me, but haven't we met in california last summer, and then the other spy would they, no, i think it was the hamptons. and in another example, one person would say, excuse me, did we meet in ban con in april of last year? and the other would say, i don't know but i was in spain in april of last year. >> i'm thinking of the movies, it was the borne identity because they had to be trained
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in how to act american, but most importantly, it's manchurian candidate stuff and you wonder how far did they go? >> if you put a "time" magazine up, if one of the spies had a "time" magazine in their hand, then that meant that they were canceling their meeting. coming up in the half hour, we're going to talk to a former british spy about how prevalent this type of espionage is in years since the cold war. general david petraeus testified on capitol hill as president obama's nominee to take over the war in afghanistan. the general was questioned on whether he supported obama's july 2011 exit date for american troops. here is his nuanced answer. >> it is important to note that the president's reminder in
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recent days that the july 2011 is the day that troops -- as he explained this past sunday, we'll need to provide assistance to afghanistan for a long time to come. >> senator roger wicker is a republican from mississippi who's joining us now live, he's also a remember of the armed services committee. thank you for your time. in some sense this was as much about the july 2011 date when the troops would start withdrawing as it was about general petreaus himself. senator mccain said it's a political decision not one based on military strategy and there are new reports anecdotally that afghans are less willing to defy the taliban because they fear the u.s. won't be around for the long-term. so how should we view this july 2011 date? >> you can view it either way, there was an article in the "wall street journal" saying with a wink out of your right
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eye, they're assuring the republicans, and a wink out of the left eye, they're reassuring the people who want to withdraw and have a substantial drawdown in july of 2011. the president made it clear, this should be a long-term strategic partnership and we're going to be providing assistance to make sure the taliban doesn't come back, the thing that worries me is this talk in the house of representatives about tying the withdrawal date to the appropriation bill and basically using the power of the purse to enforce a timeline that the president is not willing to agree to and that general petraeus says is wrong. >> one thing you know the power of the purse, one of the concerns right now is that general petraeus said today that he trusts hamid karzai as the president of afghanistan going forward despite new reports of corruption, i guess it was "the
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washington post" reporting as many as $1 million being sent to afghanistan and quickly went out the door to support the brother of hamid karzai in dubai as well as many other wealthy elite afghans who now love in that country. what do you do with the corruption in terms of hamid karzai? >> you work on it and his brother is clearly a problem. hamid karzai is the elected leader of afghanistan, we recognize him and he's not the best in the world, but he's the best they had to offer and he's what they have. so we need to work with him. but the main thing is that we need to give a clear signal that we're there for the long haul and we're not going to cut and run and abandon them to their own devices starting july 2011. i think a lot of people in pakistan and afghanistan are hearing their fears and they're hearing that we night not be there for them. it's happened before.
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>> no doubt. i want to follow up on something that you said before the committee today and make sure we get your language right. you said that no way on earth our fighting force can lose this war, the only way we can be unsuccessful is if we have a government that's unwilling to -- between uniformed military leaders specifically at general mcchrystal's comments, senator graham said this is a chance to start over completely, how should that happen to mend the fences in that relationship? >> there's a reason to start over and there's a reason general mcchrystal and his troops were worried and dissatisfied because they didn't see the process working. but we're going to begin today, in just a few moments, i think the committee is going to meet in one of the anterooms off the floor of the senate. i think general petraeus will be
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confirmed by the senate later this afternoon. so that's one way to begin, by showing that we believe in this leadership, we think if anybody in the country, if anybody in the army can win this, it is a force led by david petraeus, so we're going to help him and we're going put our confidence in him and give him to the resources that he needs. one week after being relieved of his command in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal has now announced he's going to retire from the army. an army spokesperson says the general notified him of his plans monday but has not submitted formal retirement papers. mcchrystal spent 34 years serving the military. the announcement came last week after the comments were published in rolling stone magazine. day two of nomination hearings of elena kagan.
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senators on both sides challenged her lack of judicial experience as well as her stance on military recruitment while he was the dean of harvard law school. >> since we do not have a judicial record for you how do we evaluate you so that we do have an idea of what kind of justice you will be? what kind of decisions and actions can you point to in your veer that will demonstrate what kind of justice you will be? >> i'm a little taken aback by your remarks because it's unconnected to reality. i know what happened to harvard, i know you were an outspoken leader against the military policy. >> msnbc chief washington correspondent is norah o'donnell is joining us live from capitol hill. break down the headlines today, what will we be talking about in terms of how elena kagan did today? >> reporter: i think the big
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headline today is that tough questioning that grilling by jeff sessions who interrupted her dozens of times who accused her of punishing the military by briefly barring military recruiters from the career counseling office at harvard law school. elena kagan pushed back vigorously and said that every single day she was dean, that the pentagon's recruiters did have access to students at harvard law school. she also said that she respects and reveres the military. i think the larger sub context is a concern among the white house and democrats that the republicans are trying to paint her anti-military because of this position. she did say that she thinks the don't ask, don't tell policy is unwise and unjust, she said it then and she repeated it again today, but she repeated that at
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no time did she bar military recruiters from harvard law school. and getting to what her judicial philosophy is, at one point he caused giggles in the room downstairs because he said thurgood marshall had a passion for women's rights. you're a woman, what are your passions and that caught some giggles among the people. she said i could take it case by case. she said you have to look at a case individually. and other thing is she was asked what she was a legal progressive. she replied to that as saying i don't know what that term means and she added this, listen. >> senator sessions, i'm not quite sure howard i would characterize my politics, but one thing i do know is that my politics would be, must be, have to be completely separate from
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my judging. >> there you go. and peter with we are expecting them to come back and confirm general petraeus, we are expected to hear from republican senator grassley or senator graham depending on who's ready next. that's going to be interesting because senator graham is one of the likely republicans who could vote for elena kagan when she comes up for a full vote in the u.s. senate. >> duelling confirmation hearings. he pulled off his 11th bank heist. but is this bank robber the geriatric butch cassidy that he appears to be? the vice president's trip to the gulf comes as another threat looms in the gulf. >> reporter: good afternoon peter from south padre island as
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back we're live now on msnbc. tropical storm alex is expected to reach hurricane strength in the gulf during the next 24 to 48 hours, the storm is expected to hit southern texas tomorrow night. and though it won't pass over the oil spill directly, it is stirring up waves that are causing significant problems for the cleanup area. mike seidel is in south padre island, texas for us. give us a sense for the people who are really going to face the eye of the storm what is going to be the biggest threat? >> the biggest threat is going to be inland heavy rain.
2:19 pm
we're getting one of those heavy squalls right off the gulf of mexico. but tomorrow 15, maybe 20 inches of rain with wind gusts of 50 miles an hour. more than likely this will be upgraded to a hurricane either this afternoon or this evening. this storm is moving northwest at 13 miles an hour and is expected to make landfall in this area sometime tomorrow night. in the meantime, the skimming operations have been shut down, hundreds of miles a away, because the swell of the waves have propagated off the coast of louisiana, florida, mississippi and alabama. that's because some of the waves there are running eight to 12 feet. they're not going to have to move the ships out of the way or evacuate anyone, that was the concern if a hurricane took aim at them. meanwhile you can see the rain is coming down, needless to say, i was a little off on my forecast by about four or five minutes.
2:20 pm
we'll be back here covering it for the weather channel. >> there is some other news in that region where the vice president joe biden is making his first trip to the gulf coast since the spill took place 72 days ago. the vice president is on his way to florida this afternoon after spending the day in louisiana. he toured the unified command center in new orleans where the response is being managed, vice president biden also visited a seafood restaurant being affected by the spill and had a closed door meeting with coast guard commanders where he said he doesn't think americans are fully aware of all of their efforts. major developments in the case of a missing oregon boy, they all involve his stepmother, she was the last person to see the 7-year-old alive. and we'll tell you the three biggest reasons that democrats plan to rein in frontal companies, well, why they have to wait, stay tuned.
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live here right now on msnbc this morning. the house observed a moment of silence in honor of senator robert byrd who dieded monday, he was 92 years old. since his death, the tributes from colleagues and beyond his home state of west virginia. the byrd family has requested that the body of the late senator lie in repose in the senate chamber on wednesday. and the memorial for senator byrd is one of three reasons why democrats bank reform bill is unlikely to pass this week. after the memorial, the senate goes on recess for the fourth of july holiday until the 11th and the leadership doesn't have all the democratic votes they need, much less help from republicans, nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill for us right now, this certainly changes the situation, doesn't it, luke? >> reporter: it certainly does.
2:25 pm
but the conferees from the democratic side and the republican side who have sort of come up with a compromise of the house and senate versions of this regulatory reform bill have been instructed that they could be possibly meeting today in an effort to work out for differences to try and get a vote done this week for wall street reform and financial regulatory reform. why is this? scott brown, a republican who supported the senate bill found a problem with a bank tax in the compromise in the conference of the $19 billion that he thought taxed banks too much. democrats after the death of senator byrd realized they were one down, they really needed scott brown to come on board this week. they are going back to look within this bill to try and find a different type of pay for. this is major news because it speaks to the sense of urgency on capitol hill to get wall street reform, financial
2:26 pm
regulatory reform passed. democrats definitely want this out so they can harp it this week while they are on -- we're seeing a real effort now almost in the 11th hour to appease scott brown by democrats to get him on board and get this process to go through and get it passed by the president by july 4. it's become a numbers game and it will be interesting to see if they will get this done. they said it would be delayed until tomorrow, thursday, even friday and now they're just really trying to see scott brown and watch will he come on board and can they fix it. are afghan security forces any closer to being ready to take control of their own homeland? nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel will join us. seemingly ordinary couples
2:27 pm
seemingly living ordinary lives have now become spies. we'll talk to a form a british spy about how many foreign spies are living among us. dock or on. upstream or in the middle of nowhere. wherever it may be, casting a line in the clear, fresh waters of michigan lets us leave anything weighing us down back on shore. our perfect spot is calling. our perfect spot is pure michigan. your trip begins at
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the commitment to afghanistan is necessarily therefore an unduring one and neither the taliban nor afghan and pakistani partners should doubt that. >> you're watching more live coverage here on msnbc. there was general david petreaus, president obama's nomination to lead afghanistan. he repeated america's commitment to afghanistan and the hearing took its most contentious turns when it came to this july 2011 exit date for american troops. msnbc's chief foreign important richard engel as more on that from kabul. >> reporter: peter there are no indications that american forces could pack up and leave this country, yes, logistically, it's
2:31 pm
possible, they have the planes to do it. but if you ask any admiral or general on the ground, they will tell you if the american military left afghan staff in a hurry, there would be a civil war in this country. today general petraeus acknowledged the difficulties on the ground, he said that the situation would get worse before it got better and there would be tough months of fighting ahead. he also said that he would reexamine the rules of engagement. if you talk to any soldier on the ground here that is involved in the fight they will complain that the rules of engagement are very strict and they often can't defend themselves, that will be important for the suit soldiers to hear. what will happen if the rules of engagement will change, that will only be determined once general petraeus gets here, i can tell you this, his room has already been prepared here in kabul. generals and commanders expect
2:32 pm
that he will be arriving here very soon. >> now with more on what's next in afghanistan, we're joined by u.s. army colonel jack jacobs, he is also an msnbc military analyst. what i wanted to ask you about is hamid karzai specifically, is he an ally to the u.s., is he our guy going forward and you said the question should be why we care so much about hamid karzai. >> sure, he's a great friend, as long as we keep sending money over to him. that's the way things work down there, when the northern alliance threw the taliban out without assistance before, a lot of it had to do with money and today in a lot of places in afghanistan, if you give more money to the tribal leaders than the taliban's going to give them, you're going to have their allegiance. but that place not in our lifetime is going to be a
2:33 pm
centrally governed democratic government. it's not even iraq. >> the problem is not even purse strings. today there's a report in the british newspaper, the daily telegraph that says the u.s. and allied money has been stolen and squandered, literally flown out of afghanistan as the paper reports to the sum, jack, of nearly $3 billion in american money? what checks are in place to prevent this sort of corruption and what can we do about it? >> there are a lot of checks on it. but the categories of aid are so goesz in nature, such large categories of various things, that once it breaks down and gets distributed at other levels, it's impossible -- it's not impossible, but you would have to have an entire army of people in order to do that. >> billions of dollars arrive in kabul and then they go to dubai. >> we're just not focusing any attention on that part of this because at the end of the day we want to call these guys our
2:34 pm
allies and we want them to do what we want them to do. but we focus on kabul and the real action is down at the local levels in places like kandahar, that's where the real fight for the hearts and minds and control of afghanistan will be not in kabul. >> openly it's part of this counter insurgency strategy. there's now another report that the u.s. military has overestimated the preparedness of the afghan military, the security forces going forward. so from the folks that you speak to right now, where do they stand? and to use the lang of george bush, we'll back down when they can rise up. >> they're not goington to be standing up any time soon. we're working very hard to get trainers into the field to train afghan units. but the people i talk to say that the afghans are years away from having a viable army and more importantly, the police
2:35 pm
force is very poor and is not doing a very good job and it's going to take longer for them to get up to speed. it's the police force at the local level that's really going to make the difference. we would haven't to stay there a long time, mcchrystal himself said it's going to take a decade. the president didn't like a lot of things but he didn't like that either. and mcchrystal is not there anymore to defend that position. >> colonel jack jacobs, thank you. american and russian foreign ministries have just spoken about the bust of that alleged russian spy ring. more details are still coming out today, both sides saying they're hopeful it will not hamper improving relations. the details of this case however sound like something from a 1980s cold war nov, best seller. ten people were arrested in the northeast united states, an 11th suspect has now been arrested in cypress. they're accused of posing for years as ordinary suburban
2:36 pm
americans, but here is your mission statement, at least as alleged by the department of justice, it says the following, you were sent to the u.s. for long-term service trip, your education, bank accounts, car, house, et cetera, all these served one goal, fulfill your main mission, ie to search and develop ties in the the u.s. and send intelligence reports to center, that's aka, the spy headquarters. live is the former british spy and cold arrest expert, i appreciate your time. normally you would think of spies as working in government or military operations, but in this case, it seems different, is this the way it normally goes and we just don't know about it? >> you're absolutely right, that normally you have intelligence officers who may be assigned to the embassy, you have nonofficial cover. but one of the things that really comes from the cold war
2:37 pm
are illegals, those people who go into a country, with a false identity, assimilate to within the community itself and then activate it many years later. these alleged spies, had they been there for the 11 years, that goes back to the days of preputin. this is yeltsin's time when the kgb operated. it is classic spy craft. the extraordinary thing is, that first of all, it was announced by the justice department. not by the secretary of state clinton, not by the president and coming as it has just a couple of days after that g-8 and g-20 meeting, between president medvedev and president obama, it's incredible timing. >> as a former spy, give us a sense of how an alleged spy would select his targets and approach them. he wouldn't just say so you work
2:38 pm
on nuclear weapons, can i see the plans? there was something about the suspects were supplied with bogus names and told to become americanized and told to make policy makes circles in the u.s.? good luck with that. >> indeed, and at a time of the cold war when it was very difficult to get intelligence officers into the united states, or for that matter into the united kingdom, this was the way to do it. now, of course, there are over 300,000 russians in the united states and it's almost made what we call illegals redundant, but what they were doing would have been very, very effective. they would have tried to recruit people on the hill or possibly within the military establishment and gradually obtain information from them and because they appear to be like a regular joe, there would be no
2:39 pm
suspicion passed upon them. but in this instance, we have now seen, and incidentally, robert mullen in the fbi have to be congratulated for an absolutely case book operation in pulling these people in. >> our former british spy and cold war expert helping us today from britain. thank you, sir, appreciate your time. it's official. again. cycling tour deforce lance armstrong says july's tour de france will be the last one he races in on his twitter page. the record seven-time champion wrote, it's been a great ride and he's looking forward to as he describes it three great weeks. he first announced his requirement in 2005, but he returned to race again last year. ten years after they split, michael douglas's ex-wife wants millions of dollars he's set to earn from the upcoming wall street movie.
2:40 pm
so they break up ten years ago and she's like i think i should get a little bit more. >> apparently, the divorce stipulated that she was granted rights to money made from spinoffs of his movies that took place while he was married. so she's saying this new wall street movie is a spinoff of a movie that you did when we were originally married and therefore i'm entitled to some of your cash once it starts to roll in from this movie. obviously he's not going to take this one lying down, his attorneys are fighting that one in court and we'll see what the decision. i don't see it ending well for deandra douglas. steve correll is telling basically anybody that's listening that next season will be his last season. he said i signed a contract for seven years and it's over after this next season. he has not officially said, yes, he's leaving there's no chance
2:41 pm
of him coming back, but it's steve correll himself saying this personally. i think it could be a great opportunity for "the office" they could really move into a new role if michael scott went away. >> can you imagine working for dwight? again, there's no official announcement announcement from the mother ship nbc here. and i have spoke on the cast members who said yeah, we have got some contingency plans in the works. >> another thing that you have your topic plate today is what's up with "american idol" going forward, we know simon cowell is out. i was speaking to the folks at the show, they're not saying when they're going to announce it. they're to have a new judge by the time auditions begin next summer. bret michaels is on the short list to be a judge. and bret might be overstating
2:42 pm
his position of power. a lot of names get bandied about in this process. but it's good pr for bret michaels to keep the story going. >> i'm thinking i could be in charge. >> and he was well received when he made his appearance on the "idol" finale after he had that brain hemorrhage. >> the guy's a stud, he's already back on tour after being laid up for so long. for the latest entertainment news log on to president clinton is make. also apparently you're never too old to commit a serious crime, but are objects in this video as old as they appear? true crime. next. e to control your blood sugar. you exercise and eat right, but your blood sugar may still be high, and you need extra help.
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walking your dog every day is not only good for your pet, but good for yourself. a new study from george washington university shows dog owners who hit the streets with their pooch were more than half as likely to be overweightor underweight than dog owners who didn't walk their pets and had half the risk of high blood. in the case of that missing oregon 7-year-old kyron horman, the boy disappeared a month ago after being dropped off by terry. kyron's father has filed for divorce. family friends say cane hormone moved out of the family home that he shares with terry and
2:47 pm
took their 18-month-old daughter with him. now on today's true crime, the so-called geezer bandit. you'll see why they call him that. for the last ten months, the fbi has been hunting a man who's committed 11 bank robberies in southern california. most of them show the culprit looking like he's in his 60s or 70s, an old guy, right. he's even been pictured with an oxygen tank. but authorities think he might be pulling a fast one in more ways than one. criminal investigative reporter michelle washington joins us. the feds think this man might be younger than the man in disguise. >> i spoke with darrell foxworth from the fbi just a short time ago and he says that early on, in some of the initial robberies, there have been ten so far, ten in san diego county, and the most recent last
2:48 pm
thursday in riverside county, that he was wearing an oxygen tank and in some of them we wears latex gloves and in most of them he does brandish a weapon and he does point it at a teller and he does demand money. in one at an albertson's grocery store, he was getting out of a car that was wlit or gray in color. >> why do they think he's not a geezer? geezer, i guess that's why they call him the geezer bandit, but why do they think he's not a 60 or 70-year-old guy? >> all they know is that what he looks like when he walks in and what he looks like when he walks out and does appear at this particular time that he is between the ages of 6 and 770 years old. we're only going by these
2:49 pm
pictures that you're seeing on your screen. he may be try took little bit older than what he is. >> remarkable that in the era of social media, this guy has two fan pages on facebook that people are selling buttons and t-shirts to make a profit off the geezer bandit. >> that's the scary part and that's one thing that darrell want med to mention, he says, quote, the people doing the facebook postings are misguide and misinformed, they're encouraging people to commit violent crimes and point guns at tellers. tropical storm alex may be moving away from the oil spill area off the coast of louisiana, but the weather can still affect efforts to cap the spill. and she's the reigning queen of daytime, but how about a seat
2:50 pm
on the u.s. senate? we got to tell you who are's floating oprah's name as a real possibility, next. patient: and that's why yellow makes me sad. i think. sarge: that's interesting. you know what makes me sad? you do! maybe we should chug on over to mambie pambie land where maybe we can find some self-confidence for you. ya jackwagon! tissue? crybaby. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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back live now on msnbc with some breaking news just in to our newsroom after a morning of hearings in front of the senate armed services committee, the members of that committee voted to send the nomination of general david petreaus to the full senate for confirmation to run the war in afghanistan. they voted in an offcamera session, it was a voice vote, no cameras allowed. the nomination of general petraeus will now go to the full senate. there's a lot going on today and here's something we thought you should know. it turns out that former governor rod blagojevich seriously considered oprah to fill barack obama's senate seat. it was caught on an fbi wiretap. >> she's a king maker, she made obama. we know she's a democrat, we
2:54 pm
know she's for obama. she's so up there, so high that nobody can assail this pick, this would be huge. >> those tapes never cease to amaze, do they. blagojevich was on trial for trying to sell obama's senate seat. tropical storm alex near hurricane status this afternoon. meanwhile bp is reportedly hard at work on a backup plan in case that relief well, or two of them do not work. charles hadlock is in venice, louisiana at the moment. charles is going to give us an update on the tropical storm alex and where it's moving. if you can, charles, give us a better sense of where this thing is moving. they're still forced to move out of the way somehow, aren't they?
2:55 pm
>> tropical storm alex is so large that it's having an impact 600 miles a away off the coast of louisiana here, some 3,000 vessels are remaining in port today because the seas out there are fairly rough, two to six feet in some cases so that makes it very dangerous and very difficult to even operate a skimmer in weather like this, peter. >> charles hadlock, charles, give us a sense of where you are, nothing so far, you haven't really felt any big rainstorms yet? >> we had a torrential rain about 4:00 this morning, but so far this cloudy and very rainy. charles, thank you very much. former president bill clinton is advocating a quick fix to the oil disaster. he says the government should blow up that well. do you hear that? he says they should blow up the well. he says blowing it up is the
2:56 pm
only way to make sure the government isn't relying on bp to fix the problem. that's going to do it for me this hour, i'm peter alexander. chris jansing is picking up things next, she's going to talk to the spy thriller author about the real life case that reads like something out of his book. the russian spies living in america under deep, deep cover. it's soo good. ♪ this is insanely good. see, i thank you for stuff! oh and thanks for the roof over my head...and stuff like that. you should come over more often. and thanks for having such exquisite taste. ♪ [ female announcer ] give the cool whip. get the love. ♪
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tropical storm alex could become a hurricane at any moment and it's taking aim at the coast of texas. but it's waves and winds could have a big impact on the oil mess in the gulf. stocking tanking over concerns over consumer confidence and jobs, we'll tell you what all that means for your money. supreme court nominee elena kagan, general david petreaus both at the center of confirmation hearings. a real life cold war thriller played out in the


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